Data is the currency in the current age of technology.

Companies all over the world use a variety of techniques to increase the reach and overall performance of their brand. The use of digital marketing tools has made brand promotion simple and affordable… Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools are one type of digital marketing application & tool that can be used to improve a business.

Companies of various sizes and sorts often utilize SEO tools. Most of these items are free to try before you buy because they all have a trial period.

You can quickly improve your keyword research and search engine rankings by using the best SEO tools. Before selecting an SEO tool, consider the specific qualities you require.

We at Evertiz Solutions, a leading digital marketing agency in Navi Mumbai, will go into detail about SEO tools in 2023 in this blog.


What are SEO tools

SEO tools can help website owners improve their search engine rankings. Examining the material for keywords, backlinks, and other SEO factors aids in optimizing Web content. SEO tools assess a website’s chances of ranking high in search engine results pages. They provide information about backlinks, keywords, and insights into online SEO competition.

Why should we use  SEO Tools?



The first thing to know about SEO tools is how quickly they can speed up the SEO process. You should keep in mind that SEO tools are there to help you in your quest to develop a risk-free, flawless, and effective Internet marketing campaign.

Process automation made possible by a few useful SEO tools also aids in cutting down on wasteful time and effort. Consider how many hours one may save by using SEO tools to check backlinks, which can be done in a matter of minutes.


The use of efficient tools saves a significant amount of time and energy. During this time, data comparison and analysis can be performed. Research tools are your helpful companions who provide you with information sources and save you time; they are not shades of evil.

Organized details

We can easily and efficiently collect data with the use of SEO tools. We obtain the information from a single source rather than clicking here and there to gather information. When you gather data in a disorganized way, you could overlook important information or even stir up urgent information. Manual information collection and reconciliation errors might also result in inaccurate numbers.

New Approaches

Try to employ new tools whenever they are available and never give up trying. Along with being fascinating, it also offers fresher, better concepts. A new tool usually brings a unique perspective to the analysis.


Best SEO Tools for 2023

After talking about SEO tools and how they assist marketing teams in achieving success online. So let’s talk about the various SEO tools that businesses all over the world can use.

 1 SemRush.

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Using the appropriate SEO tools, or selecting software that will provide you with the information you need to enhance search rankings, is another essential component of doing SEO correctly. Semrush is one of the most well-known of these programs, and many website owners are drawn to it because of its standing as an “industry standard” in the SEO world. Semrush, to put it simply, is a tool that aids with the search engine optimization of your website.

Semrush functions by providing you with a wealth of data that you may use to…discover what people are searching for on Google, provide fresh material that will draw visitors, and look for ways to generate links to improve your site’s search ranks, make technical adjustments. It will recommend websites that you might want to contact for backlinks.

Also, it enables you to do SEO audits on your website to determine whether there are any technical changes you can make to it to boost search results.

  1. Google Search Console

Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) is a free platform that allows anyone with a website to monitor and optimize their site’s organic presence. Viewing your referring domains, mobile-optimized- optimized performance, rich search engine results, and also the most-trafficked queries and pages are all part of this.

Google Search Console allows users to track their site’s traffic, see keyword performance, troubleshoot issues, and receive Google messages about their site. It provides information on how a website performs in organic search as well as suggestions on how to improve the site’s position in the Google index. Because of all of the tools it provides to ensure that websites rank well in Google searches, as well as the tools it provides to track and analyze traffic. For marketers and digital marketing agency, Search Console is an excellent SEO tool.

  1. Moz Pro
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Moz is a search engine optimization and data management software that assists businesses in increasing traffic, ranking, and visibility of their websites in search results. Site audits, rank tracking, backlink analysis, and keyword search tools are among the key features. Users can use the software to categorize, compare, and prioritize keywords and phrases to fine-tune content and marketing strategies. It also helps businesses outrank their competitors by providing intuitive keyword suggestion tools derived from an extensive online database and updated SERP data. Moz assists businesses in resolving technical SEO issues that interfere with site visibility, traffic, and quality ranking. It also enables them to track competitors’ movement on the SERP, allowing businesses to discover competitive advantages to achieve top rankings. Furthermore, it can run automated weekly checks on the site, alerting administrators to any existing issues and facilitating quick fixes

 4. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is an all-in-one SEO tool suite that includes keyword research, backlink analysis, rank tracking, and site crawling. It is the only SEO tool that accurately estimates traffic from web pages and incorporates that metric into all of its views.

It claims to have the best proprietary backlinks database. It offers solid rank tracking, great site crawl, and keyword research that extends far beyond traditional Google searches and includes Amazon, YouTube, and the major international search engines.

Ahrefs now includes a content exploration tool for discovering topics, identifying influencers, and locating backlink opportunities. The user interface is well-designed, with comprehensive dashboards and overview screens that provide a consistent user experience.


  1. SpyFu
Search engine optimization (SEO)

Spyfu is a cloud-based marketing tool for companies of all sizes. SEO performance analysis, API access, keyword rank tracking, SERP analysis, and other features are among the highlights.

Spyfu assists SEO and PPC professionals in analyzing competitors, increasing website traffic, monitoring search engine rankings, and generating quality sales leads. The AdWords advisor in the solution provides campaign-specific keyword recommendations, tracks competitors’ AdWords billing history, and recommends keywords that competitors are using.

Marketers can also use Spyfu to connect with social media influencers, create customizable reports, estimate advertising spending, and find high-quality backlinks to drive traffic. Spyfu also includes an API that allows users to automate requests and efficiently find data.


BuzzSumo is an influencer marketing platform that focuses on influencer identification, the author reports, content analysis for identifying trends, and domain comparisons for competitor analysis. The purpose of the analysis engine is to track and optimize content marketing efforts. Brandwatch purchased the product in 2017.

Our marketing department primarily uses Buzzsumo for content and social media. Buzzsumo assists us in analysing our social and content efforts by providing accurate share counts, making it one of the most important SEO tools for any digital marketing agency or individual. You can also use Buzzsumo to see other companies’ share counts, so you can use their data to research different companies and determine which topics to write about.

Buzzsumo enables us to research content ideas for our company and all of our clients, as well as check backlinks and monitor brand mentions. Buzsumo serves several important functions in my daily workload, and it would be difficult for me to function without it.


  1. HubSpot
Social Media Marketing

HubSpot is a cloud-based CRM platform that assists businesses of all sizes in tracking and nurturing leads as well as analysing business metrics. It is appropriate for B2B and B2C businesses in a variety of industries, including retail, real estate, marketing, sales, construction, accounting, and others. HubSpot enables outbound and inbound lead monitoring, sales pipeline management with automation, lead and contact management, email campaigning, and tracking.


If you’re a digital marketing agency looking to get started with customer relationship management for the first time, HubSpot CRM is an excellent choice because it’s simple to set up and use. Its SEO tools are designed specifically for small and mid-sized businesses to solve their unique challenges, such as small team sizes and limited resources.

The HubSpot Free plan should provide you with enough tools to get started. You can add tools as you need them or move to other paid tiers as you become more comfortable and proficient with CRM.

8 Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a robust and all-encompassing SEO tool that assists businesses in improving their search engine rankings and driving more traffic to their websites. This tool, created by Ubersuggest, a leading provider of SEO tools and services, offers a variety of unique features and capabilities. The software has a large database of keywords and content suggestions that can assist you in pursuing topics for SEO pages on your website that will help your business rank higher in search engines.

You can keep track of your own and your competitor’s websites, as well as receive updates on the SEO performance of your site ranking.

However, this is only the beginning of the features provided by the software. The SEO tool also includes many other useful features that claim to give you an advantage over the competition.



Updated website

SEO Quake is a browser plugin that is available for free. It offers organic research data with a single click. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera are now supported. In addition to Organic research data, SEO Quake provides other useful tools such as:

  1. Audit for SEO
  2. Density of Keywords
  3. Internal/External Connections
  4. Social Indicators

Many people discover competitive information by analysing SERPs and want to know who is a lie in the ranking where? You also examine the specific keyword search data and the landing page.This is where the SEO Quake plugin comes in handy! This free plugin allows you to see metrics for domains and landing pages including Google index, Alexa Rank, SEMRush ranking data, Facebook likes, and much more.

SEO Quake provides instant access to analytics data on any web page. You can navigate to any landing page and receive analytical data specific to that landing page with the click of a button using SEO Bar.

  1. Mangools

Before we begin the Mangools review, let’s go over the basics of what it does. Mangools is a collection of five SEO tools or apps. They are as follows:

KWFinder -KWFinder is a keyword research tool that can help you find keywords to target for your website. You can get more keywords from KWFinder than from free tools like Google’s Keyword Planner.

SERPChecker – SERPChecker allows you to see the search results in a user will see for a specific keyword and analyse your chances of ranking high for the same keyword.

SERPWatcher – SERPWatcher tracks where your website ranks in search results for your target keywords, as well as whether those rankings are improving or declining.

LinkMiner – LinkMiner allows you to view and analyse the backlinks pointing to your website, your competitor’s websites, and other similar websites in the industry.

SiteProfiler -With SiteProfiler, you can analyse a website (yours or a competitor’s) and see important metrics such as Domain Authority, Trust Flow, and more.When you sign up for a Mangool premium plan, you’re presented with a dashboard page that lists all of the apps you have access to as well as your daily quota of SERPs, backlinks, and keywords that you can analyse in your account.

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