A quick Google search yields numerous articles on high-quality link building. However, no one knows exactly how search engines determine the link quality, making it difficult to know which advice to follow.

 We at Evertiz Solutions, a leading  digital marketing agency in Navi Mumbai, will go into detail about the importance of backlinks

 Based on my experience and the collective experience of the our SEO team, I’ll share best practices for building high-quality backlinks. These suggestions are based on actual results we’ve seen over the years.

 When one website links to another, this creates a backlink. A backlink, in other words, is an inbound link that redirects a user from one website to another. This backlink is regarded as a vote or a trust symbol, indicating the page’s authority.


Backlinks are classified into two types:

 Backlinks with Do-Follow status

There are no attributes on these types of links. Do-follow links boost your ranking and help you climb the SERP ladder. These links send link juice to your website or a specific page on your website.

 Backlinks with No-Follow Status

These types of links, which combine do-follow and no-follow links, are required for a website to appear natural. They also increase traffic and exposure. No-follow links contain a special attribute in their code that informs search engines about the link’s type.


Importance Of Backlinks

 You may be wondering what is the importance of backlinks now that you understand what backlinks are. SEO backlinks help websites grow in a variety of ways. If you want to rank on the first page of SERPs, you must distinguish yourself from your competitors. Unfortunately, most small businesses do some form of SEO. On the other hand, small companies typically limit their SEO efforts to on-page efforts involving targeted keywords in website content to rank higher in SERPs and earn more web traffic.

Backlinks are one of the top three major ranking factors for websites. Backlinks generate targeted referral traffic and help search engines index your web pages faster.

These are the importance of backlinks.

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Backlinks can help you achieve three primary outcomes:


  • A higher ranking improves discoverability.
  • Enhanced Referral Traffic
  • Higher Placement

Search engines like Google regard backlinks as a vote of confidence. In general, the higher your web pages rank for relevant searches, the more votes they receive.

The number of backlinks from unique websites is significantly related to organic search traffic (referring domains).

 SEO helps your website rank higher in search engines, allowing more people to find it when searching for specific terms. Create backlinks from authoritative websites, either from sites that link to you or from search engines, to increase traffic to your websites.


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Increased Discoverability Search engines find new content by returning to previously visited pages to find new links. Because search engines return to popular pages more frequently than less popular pages, receiving backlinks from well-known pages will help them find your content more quickly. Simply put, the more backlinks your site has, the more likely it is to appear near the top of the search results. A higher page rank in search engine results can bring more targeted traffic to your site.   Enhanced Referral Traffic Backlinks direct users to useful websites. Because of this, they are clickable. When someone clicks on a link to your website, you get referral traffic. Most importantly, backlinks can help your company’s promotion. People are more likely to trust your goods or services if they find links to them from reputable bloggers or websites. This is because they believe the people who are promoting your expertise or, in this case, have a backlink to your website. You can advertise your company by leveraging the influence of others.   We at Evertiz Solutions, a leading digital marketing agency in Navi Mumbai, will go into detail about the importance of backlinks for Search Engine Optimization.  

What is the importance of backlinks for Search Engine Optimization?

  Yes, backlinks are crucial for SEO. However, it is not a numbers game. They even rank above the governing body for their industry for that governing body’s own trademark terms. The quality of the links they acquired helped, but they started typing based on site structure, quality content, the way the page renders, and site structure before we got the first links. Oddly enough, they have also gotten a backlink from that governing body because of the content we created. (Talk about a big win!) Backlinks are just one of the signals used by search engines. The entire purpose of a search engine is to show a person searching the most relevant response, formatted in the best way possible and in the fastest and most accessible way. Backlinks are also important for Search Engine Optimization because they tell Google that another resource values your content enough to link to it on its own. As a website receives more backlinks, search engines deduce that the website has valuable content worthy of ranking high in the SERPs.  
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Do Backlinks Constitute Black Hat SEO?

Backlinks are perfectly acceptable to Google and other search engines. Backlinks are extremely valuable to search engines because they make indexing much easier and faster for search engine bots. As a result, backlink building is a white hat SEO tactic that is ethical and accepted by search engines — as long as it does not violate search engine policies regarding how backlinks should be acquired and configured. Some shady backlink-building practices are considered black hat SEO and can result in your website being penalized or suspended by Google.

How to Get Backlinks

Content is King

The most effective way to obtain high-quality, relevant backlinks to your website is to create engaging content that relevant, authoritative websites will link to. We’ll be diving into the whole topic of content marketing in more detail in future guides.

In the meantime, some good rules of thumb for creating shareable content include:

  • Do keyword research
  • Create long-form content 
  • Include infographics and charts
  • Take advantage of the shareability of list posts
  • Write an attention-grabbing headline
  • Cite your sources
  • Write evergreen content that will stay relevant


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